Guide to Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattress can be a kind of mattress that's produced from polyurethane. Besides memory, it's also produced from other forms of compounds. The compounds which can be added to the mattress foams offers it the ability to increase in density. Memory foam mattress can be called visco elastic polyurethane foam. The mattress was developed as a way to meet with up with the demand of the mattress shoppers.

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The Polyurethane Foam Mattress' real history could be traced back to the Ames Research Center of NASA. NASA's Ames Research Center funded a project to design a bed foam that will help to ease back pain of the astronauts due to g forces inside the 1970s. NASA believed the foam material ought to be applied to conform to the form of the body. The person would eventually transfer of the position, although developing a form for your body can help solve the issue. As a result, improper stress points will be produced about the body. Later, the research team from the Ames Research Center of NASA identified a way to develop a foam that could conform the the body's form. It's a elastc foam that could evenly distribute the human body's weight for the foam floor.

{The breakthrough triggered Fagerdala World Foams of Sweden provide it towards the customers and to test out it. In 1991, a business located in Sweden, Tempur Pedic offered the people the research mattresss foam in Sweden. After that, Tempur Pedic offered the memory mattress foam to the people that reside in United States and Canada. The mattress of Tempurpedic became very popular. Tempur Pedic's achievement had caused the producers offer them for the local buyers and to generate their particular versions of polyurethane foam mattresses.



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